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12 Questions for Educators and Leaders

What I Learned from Teaching and Living in High-Achieving Singapore

Higher Education Faculty and Technology: The Shift


The Seven Faces of this Generation


Students as Co-Teachers: Practical Strategies


Who Works Hardest in Your Classroom?


Teaching and Reaching the Marginalized Learner

Teaching and Learning with the Last Backpack Generation

Practitioner Workshops: Team-Based Learning, Project-Based Learning, The Brain & the Classroom, and Pedagogy & Technology

Teaching, Leading, and Technology

Zachary works with educators, administrators, and governments around the world. His dynamic, practical, style has been described as “inspiring” and “brutally honest” at the same time. Zachary works with the audience to design material that is relevant, applicable, and motivating. If you would like information on booking Zachary Walker, please fill out this brief form.  Thank you so much for your interest!

Recent Speaking Highlights

Innovative Pedagogies for the Last Backpack Generation

       Reyjavik, Iceland: Icelandic Teachers Association National Conference

Changing World, Changing Students: Teaching the Last Backpack Generation 

       Helsinki, Finland: Net Forum 2017

12 Questions for Educators and School Leaders

       The Netherlands: European School Heads Association

Changing World, Changing Students

       Luxembourg: Ministère de l’Éducation Nationale, Lycée Aline Mayrisch de Luxembourg

Mobile Technology in Education: What Works, What the Research Says, and What the Future Holds 
       Singapore: Dutch Ministry of Education Delegation


The Seven Faces of this Generation

       Hualien, Taiwan: International Conference on the Development of Socially Vulnerable Groups


Leadership and Learning: Immigration and Education

        Hong Kong: Nanyang Technological University Scholars Program


Knowledge Co-Creation via Social Media in the University Classroom
       Singapore: NTU Innovations in Teaching and Learning Seminar


Teaching and Learning with the Last Backpack Generation
       Singapore: The Learning Communities Mass Session for Allied Educators


Leading and Training the Military with Mobile Technology

       Singapore: Ministry of Defense, Singapore Armed Forces


Ten Tech Tools to Transform Your Classroom.

       Olathe, Kansas: Olathe School District Summer Technology Conference


Mobile Learning in the Professional Classroom

       Osaka, Japan: Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom


Leadership and Learning: Service in Education

       Timor Leste: A Learning Journey with the Singapore American School


Mobile Learning in a Knowledge Based Economy
       Manila, Philippines: The EdukCircle International Convention on Education Management


The Intersecting Policies of Special Education and Early Childhood Education

       Mumbai, India: A Round Table Sponsored by the Singapore International Foundation, Pratham Education Foundation, and                Observer Research Foundation


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