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  • Zachary Walker

Recommendation: Humankind- A Hopeful History by Rutger Bregman

I read. A lot. I am part of two book clubs and also read multiple books, articles, and essays for my own enjoyment (and sometimes for work- although those are not nearly as fun!). I will post recommendations from time-to-time here.

I am happy to say that the first book I am recommending is much like my view of life in general: hopeful. Rutger Bregman, the Dutch Historian, takes a look at the problems with how we have traditionally viewed humanity and how that has, in many case, negatively impacted our work, play, and relationships. I will weave some of the stories and accounts into my future musings. In the meantime, go pick up this book for a fresh and much more positive look at the future- and each other.


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