Working hard is the industrial era approach to getting ahead. Learning hard is the knowledge economy equivalent since information is the new currency.  Good leaders find time to learn.  The very best leaders make time to read

The science is very clear that reading heightens brain connectivity, reduces stress, leads to improved attention, working memory, sensory integration, creativity, and it increases our fluid reasoning and brain plasticity. 


Although the BBC notes that we should read one hour per day, reading just 15-20 minutes a day also has tangible benefits.


Many contemporary leaders have stated how reading was fundamental to their roles. Warren Buffet noted that knowledge accumulated from reading "… builds up, like compound interest."


Bill Gates reads 50 books a year and Barack Obama, who regularly shares his own reading lists, noted that reading was "invaluable" to him during his time in the White House.


Our reading clubs examine culture, leadership, and performance around books or key research articles from the field.


Described as a "thinking incubator" and a "leadership intervention", Zachary facilitates discussions with small groups of leaders within an organisation.


These conversations have proved to establish a unifying language among teams as well as improve organisational culture and performance.


“This is the best hour of my month as I get to share, reflect, and plan with colleagues.  Even though I have read much of this before, the chance to hear other people’s perspectives, be challenged to explain mine, and to engage in high level strategy is invaluable.”

Director Of Strategy

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